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Siblyback Lake - Landscapes | Best Shots

Sunday 18 March 2012.

This post is the first in a series of three. The other 2 being: Siblyback Lake - Fauna | Best Shots & Siblyback Lake - Playing around with composition. Links to these will be added to this blog when they have been written and posted later this week (hopefully!).

Had a brilliant walk at Siblyback for Mother's Day on the 18th March. This has got to be one of my favourite places in the surrounding area. It is a flooded valley with a dam at the south-western end and a stream flowing into the valley at the northern end.

I remember I started this blog saying which camera I had used. When I have some more time I may go back and add which camera they were taken with at the bottom if anyone is interested in the way types of photos turned out. All of the photos in this post were taken with my Sony HX100v.

The shot below was taken in the car park. I love the silhouette of the boats in the reflection on the lake. I know the rule of thirds in art - divide the picture into a 3x3 grid and place major points on one of the intersections to look aesthetically pleasing! I prefer the sun in the middle. I also think the fence at the bottom adds a nice border.

Siblyback Lake Boats.
Along the eastern side of the lake: next 2 photos, below.
Here, the brown early spring trees contrast against the clear blue sky.

Tree Peninsula.
One of my favourite types of photo for me is sun rays through trees. The way the branches seem to disappear where the light is coming through and then the light reflection on the lake behind. Perfect!

Sun And Silhouette Trees, Siblyback.
I tried varying the shots I took at the lake, using the moveable screen on my camera to get this low angle shot of a half floating log in the beach. This is looking towards the sun in the south west, towards the dam which is immediately between the forest and the browner patch of land on the right hand side of this photo. I absolutely love the varying colours on the log and the light patterns on the sand beneath the water. I took a few other photos of the same view but picked this one - mainly due to the fact that the water is the best out of these. The water was too flat and not as rippling in the other shots.

Floating Log, Siblyback.

Lakeside Tree Silhouette.

Single Tree by Stone Wall.
Moving towards the northern end of the lake through a mini woodland.

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In this woodland was a stream flowing onto the lake. The bright sunshine outside making the silhouette trees and lack of light keeping the two ducks simple and serene.

Two Ducks, Siblyback.
Proper countryside!

Siblyback Countryside.
I always look out for the small and/or unusual things. This barb had been pushed along to another one. Call me weird, I thought it was interesting!

Barbed Wire Field.
So much going on in such a tiny space: The tree on a mini headland, the rocks, the sand, the grass, the water - all conversing with each other. Shame about the footprints on the beach.
This photo is the view I am featuring in one of my posts of the trilogy from Siblyback. Siblyback Lake - Playing around with composition.

Siblyback Tree #1.
Rusty Barbed Wire and Moss Post.
Northern end of the lake. In the marshes, I managed to work my way through the reeds to get these two shots. (above and below) Love them!
Below, my favourite part is the sun creating a slightly red tinge to the photo giving it a slightly vintage feel. Maybe a warm summer evening? Heaven!

Moss Post.

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