Saturday, 3 March 2012


Here's a few animal photos I've taken over the past year.

Had a lovely stay at Center Parcs in Wiltshire just after Christmas. For those unfamiliar with it, it is a forest village with a main Plaza where there are restaurants and shops. You can do outdoor activities too such as falconry, kayaking, cycling etc. There's also a Sports Centre.
Our apartment was at the far western side of the village by the perimeter fence. We left out some nuts just outside the window and 3 squirrels came along and a few robins we there anyway. I could have watched them for hours - fortunately it was getting dark and I only had time to take 171 photos!!! I managed to get a few really close up shots of the squirrels and was really pleased with the results seeing as these were shot through a sliding door!
The following 4 photos were taken at Center Parcs.

Squirrel's Nuts.

The next 2 photos were taken at the lake by Jardin des Sports. (French - Garden of Sports)

Female Mallard Duck Sleeping.

Woken Up!
Testing out my new camera's macro features. I found a very friendly (i.e. - didn't fly off!!) ladybird on our rosemary bush by our front door. So took her into the back garden to a conifer which added a lovely contrast to the vibrant reds. Red and green are complimentary colours, then the brown adds neutrals.

Ladybird Macro.

Ladybird Close up.
Taken in Wales (below) in 2010. We spent a week camping with the Preseli Hills in view of the tent. The hills from which the stones from Stonehenge were sourced. This photo was taken at Carew Castle.

Robin On Bench.
 Back Garden Shooting.

Bee on Lavender.
 Scotland, Isle of Skye. There were so many tiny frogs on the walk up to Waterstein Head overlooking Neist Point (The most westerly point in the UK you can get to without getting on a boat!) We were staying a couple of hundred metres from that and could see the cottage from the top, where we also saw a sea eagle.

Frog on Mushroom.
Bee on a Thistle at Coral Beach, Isle of Skye. Coral Beach is amazing. The beach is made from an algae that has broken off and been washed up onto the beach and sun bleached. When alive, it is red; when visiting the beach, it looks a lot like sand, until you get up close to look (or walk on it barefoot! Uncomfortable!) But I digress; this was just along from the beach.
And I've just noticed, you can see the pollen on the bee's body.

Bee on Thistle.

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