Saturday, 24 March 2012

Exploring The Back Garden!

Gate Post Ladybird.

This afternoon, the sun was out, the sky was clear, I decided to get some fresh air. There are so many places to take photos - many of them on our doorsteps, so I embraced this opportunity and went and found some arty places in my own back garden.

The photos in this post are me just exploring certain techniques, testing out features on my camera: close ups/macro, soft focus back-ground, automatic, etc.

Left and below, is the gate post in the garden. There a quite a few ladybirds in the garden at the moment, on the wall of the house, the patio, but I thought it was a bit more interesting having one on the latch for the gate.
Gate Post Ladybird - Macro.
I absolutely love macro photography! So many intricate designs that aren't appreciated by many people. I feel it opens up another world, if you will. 

Daisy - Macro.
My guinea pigs. The ones below are of Tilly.

The next photo was testing out background de-focus. 

Sundial, Back Garden.
Triple headed daffodil. Thought it was quite interesting.

Triple Headed Daffodil.

Daffodil Behind.

Water Feature.
Using soft focus background.

Empty Snail Shell.

Dandelion - Macro.
Background de-focus. The acer tree in the garden is starting to bud. I think this makes a lovely Easter card.

Acer Spring Blossom.

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