Monday, 27 August 2012

Tamar Valley - Bere Alston to Bere Ferrers, Devon - Mk.2

Marbled White

This is the second post from the Bere Alston walk. Internet is a bit faster today! Here are a few other pictures which failed to upload yesterday. 

Pentillie Caslte in Cornwall - The Tamar flows 3 directions in this picture! The castle in Cornwall; behind the trees in the foreground is Devon, the trees are in Cornwall and the picture is taken from the Devon side of the river! 
Pentillie Castle


Old Workshop

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Tamar Valley - Bere Alston to Bere Ferrers, Devon.

Finally! I have got around to uploading these photos! This was a walk I did with some friends along the Tamar Valley Discovery Trail. There are walks all over the Valley and I'm glad we did it! It was a lovely day out and it's much more healthy than going to the cinema every time we go out. We started in Plymouth, getting the branch line train to Bere Alston, walking in to the town then west to the river, following it south to a marshy area then heading back up to the road into the station at Bere Ferrers.
Here are the best pictures I took: (I gave up with the slow internet connection so will upload the rest in another post ASAP.)




Marbled White


Marbled White



Ivy on cut log

Marsh Path

Red Wheat Field

Rusty Outbuilding Field

I know I keep making excuses but I've been trying to upload photos to here for the past 2 days, the internet is so slow that it's taken over an hour to do 3 photos. Please bear with me, I am trying to improve the speed.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

So sorry I didn't post. The past few days have been weird and I haven't been on the computer. I will try and post the photos tonight. The blog is still very much alive!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Camping in the New Forest.

Yesterday, I got back from a 10 day camping holiday in the New Forest. Despite some sleep lacking nights, it was great fun! I took 312 photos in all and have gone through them and reduced them down to 244 which I'm quite pleased about seeing as my laptop's hard drive is filling up fast after every trip I do! I remember a half day out on Dartmoor made me come back with over 100 photos. I need to get better techniques because I use my camera for ALL the photos - not just 'arty' ones which is partly the problem. I am now starting to go through photos and reducing the quality which is very time consuming. But I digress.

I will upload the very best photos; ones I am most pleased with.
They include:
Fauna: Fallow Deer, a dragonfly, birds like robins, tits, peacocks, and Red Squirrels.
Flora: mainly trees which are a part of the next category.
Misc: old buildings [one example being the house on Brownsea Island.], landscapes. And more but I'm not sure what category they come under.

Tomorrow I'll get back to where I was before I went away, which was the walk from Bere Alston to Bere Ferrers, Devon and get that post published which'll get me in order!

For now, here is a teaser photo from my trip in the New Forest...
Red squirrels are rare here in the UK, so they're something special. They are native but most have been wiped out due to the much larger Eastern grey squirrel from North America so if you're a European reading this and thinking it's nothing special, it is! These red squirrels are found throughout Europe and northern Asia and differ from the American red squirrel.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Daily Photo - 27/07/2012

Took a 20 minute trip on the train from Plymouth to Bere Alston 10 days ago with some friends - thought we'd make the most of the nice weather! We walked 9km (5.5miles) from the train station at Bere Alston to the train station at Bere Ferrers and had such a great time! I took some photos that I am very pleased with, so here is just one; I'll upload the rest at a later date.

Friday, 20 July 2012

No more posts for a while.

Unfortunately my laptop has broken, it won't turn on. Until I get it seen to or another bought, there'll be no more posts until further notice. Most photos were backed up thankfully!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Friday, 6 July 2012

Daily Photo - 06/07/2012

This photo was taken exactly a year ago next week! This was while I was on work experience working with the Countryside Team at Cotehele near Callington. It was an amazing week working with nature.
This is a Puss Moth caterpillar I found munching on some willow leaves in an orchard.

Taken with a Panasonic DMC FX550

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Daily Photo - 26/6/2012

Not a new photo. Not only is this one of my favourite photos, it is also my most sold photo of the greetings cards I make. [Top left of second photo in this post] Through my feedback, this picture is a definite favourite.
Line of boats at St Ives, captures the heritage nicely.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Daily Photo - 21/06/2012

I know they're common but I think they're beautiful! Cinnabar, a day time flying moth. Spotted it on the side of the house a couple of days ago.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Mount Edgcumbe 17/6/2012

Mount Edgcumbe present so many photo opportunities. Here is just a small selection of the 70 photos that I took! More may follow soon. The first photo is my favourite, combining modern Plymouth with older Plymouth, and its maratime history. Looking out on to The Hoe.

'French Connection UK' - Brittany Ferries departing Plymouth, crossing Plymouth Sound in front of Smeaton's Tower and the wheel on Plymouth Hoe.

This is the folly in Mount Edgecumbe Country Park.

Old door by the Orangery. All the rest of the photos in this post were taken in a small garden next to the Orangery.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Instow Beach, N Devon - 6/5/12

This is the second post from North Devon back on 6 May. The first post was >Fremington Quay, N Devon - 6/5/12<. These were all taken on my Sony HX100v. And, considering recent feedback, I have made the watermarks smaller and less opaque! Enjoy!
Similar photos can be found on my post: >St Ives. Sept 2010.<

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Olympic Torch Relay - 19.05.2012

So it's not every day the Olympic Flame visits your home town! Here are some photos I took while it was passing.  

It was running 30 minutes late! Typical Cornish! This was the first day of the relay from Lands End to Plymouth.

I had been watching it live online for most of the day but it was completely different seeing it in real life. Thousands of people lined the streets all over Cornwall and over 50,000 people attended the evening flame welcome in Plymouth.

Saltash was the last Cornish stop. It was carried across the Tamar Bridge to Devon. I also made a video: These photos along with footage - You can watch it >here<.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Best of Cornwall Video

I have finished a video of the best photos of Cornwall I've taken so far. If the video isn't playing or you want to see it bigger, you can go directly to YouTube by clicking here.

Fremington Quay, N Devon - 6/5/12

I had a lovely walk in North Devon last weekend (6 May) First I visited Instow Beach and took a few shots - I will post those photos later on (And no, I haven't forgot about the last in the Siblyback Lake photos set! That'll be along here too soon!) The second half of the day was spent at Little Bridge House Hospice catching up with people we haven't seen for a while. Then we went to Fremington Quay and walked along the old railway line; a very straight and flat path but so much to see! I took about 70 photos alone that stretch of railway alone!
Pictures taken on the same day at Instow Beach can be reached by clicking >here<

Unknown Wildflower (If you know, please let me know!) I think it was a tree blossom.)

Apple Tree Blossom

Snail in Tree

Chaffinch in Oak Tree

Tree Blossom

Oak Apple

Early Purple Orchid.
On the way back, we found a quite content baby rabbit. The mother was in the bush behind. It didn't seem put off by us; just stayed there until we left!
Baby Rabbit Resting.
The very distinctive Lords and Ladies plant. I feel a 16:9 ratio was perfect for this particular photo.
Lords and Ladies

Old Shipwreck
 Again, the 16:9 ratio is perfect for this photo promoting the tree line and reflection.

Fremington Quay