Monday, 27 August 2012

Tamar Valley - Bere Alston to Bere Ferrers, Devon - Mk.2

Marbled White

This is the second post from the Bere Alston walk. Internet is a bit faster today! Here are a few other pictures which failed to upload yesterday. 

Pentillie Caslte in Cornwall - The Tamar flows 3 directions in this picture! The castle in Cornwall; behind the trees in the foreground is Devon, the trees are in Cornwall and the picture is taken from the Devon side of the river! 
Pentillie Castle


Old Workshop

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Tamar Valley - Bere Alston to Bere Ferrers, Devon.

Finally! I have got around to uploading these photos! This was a walk I did with some friends along the Tamar Valley Discovery Trail. There are walks all over the Valley and I'm glad we did it! It was a lovely day out and it's much more healthy than going to the cinema every time we go out. We started in Plymouth, getting the branch line train to Bere Alston, walking in to the town then west to the river, following it south to a marshy area then heading back up to the road into the station at Bere Ferrers.
Here are the best pictures I took: (I gave up with the slow internet connection so will upload the rest in another post ASAP.)




Marbled White


Marbled White



Ivy on cut log

Marsh Path

Red Wheat Field

Rusty Outbuilding Field

I know I keep making excuses but I've been trying to upload photos to here for the past 2 days, the internet is so slow that it's taken over an hour to do 3 photos. Please bear with me, I am trying to improve the speed.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

So sorry I didn't post. The past few days have been weird and I haven't been on the computer. I will try and post the photos tonight. The blog is still very much alive!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Camping in the New Forest.

Yesterday, I got back from a 10 day camping holiday in the New Forest. Despite some sleep lacking nights, it was great fun! I took 312 photos in all and have gone through them and reduced them down to 244 which I'm quite pleased about seeing as my laptop's hard drive is filling up fast after every trip I do! I remember a half day out on Dartmoor made me come back with over 100 photos. I need to get better techniques because I use my camera for ALL the photos - not just 'arty' ones which is partly the problem. I am now starting to go through photos and reducing the quality which is very time consuming. But I digress.

I will upload the very best photos; ones I am most pleased with.
They include:
Fauna: Fallow Deer, a dragonfly, birds like robins, tits, peacocks, and Red Squirrels.
Flora: mainly trees which are a part of the next category.
Misc: old buildings [one example being the house on Brownsea Island.], landscapes. And more but I'm not sure what category they come under.

Tomorrow I'll get back to where I was before I went away, which was the walk from Bere Alston to Bere Ferrers, Devon and get that post published which'll get me in order!

For now, here is a teaser photo from my trip in the New Forest...
Red squirrels are rare here in the UK, so they're something special. They are native but most have been wiped out due to the much larger Eastern grey squirrel from North America so if you're a European reading this and thinking it's nothing special, it is! These red squirrels are found throughout Europe and northern Asia and differ from the American red squirrel.