Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Spring's coming!

Single Daffodil. Feb 2012..

Daffodil Bunch. Feb 2012.

Spring Blossom. April 2011.

Chick and Daffodil. April 2011.

Acer Blossom. April 2011.

Chick with Daffodil Landscape. April 2011.

Two Chicks. April 2011.

Two Chicks with Daffodils. April 2011.

Chick Close Up. April 2011.

Daffodils with Black Background. Feb 2012.
Above and below are some more photos I recently tried. Like the previous post, I managed to get the background black. I love it!

Single Daffodil with Black Background. Feb 2012.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Leaves #2

This was a fun experiment using two oak leaves I had collected from the oak sapling I planted when I was younger. Something else I love about leaves is finding skeleton leaves. They would have been brilliant for this shoot. I simply held the leaves up to a bright spotlight. With the camera focused on the leaf, the background became black with help from the light.

I may even have another go in the near future with other materials similar to the leaves. If I do, I will be sure to post the results.

I just love zooming in and looking at how complex nature is. Truly stunning!

Feel free to use these photos as phone backgrounds (one reason I didn't watermark them!) I quite like the 4th and 8th photo as my backgrounds!

Newly Fallen Oak Leaf. (L-R diagonal) 

Newly Fallen Oak Leaf. (reversed diagonal)

Newly Fallen Oak Leaf. (close up)
Newly Fallen Oak Leaf. (extreme close up)

New and Old Fallen Oak Leaves. (overlapping shadow)

New and Old Fallen Oak Leaves. (overlapping NO shadow)

New and Old Fallen Oak Leaves. (symmetry)

Monday, 20 February 2012

Leaves #1

Ivy. Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Garden. St Ives, Cornwall

Still very busy with school work. Exams are coming around again soon. Essays and coursework are in the process of getting finished; I can't seem to find much time. I need to remember to stop leaving things until the last minute!

Anyway, as promised, here are some pictures in the category: Leaves/Flowers/Fruits. Hope you enjoy!

I'll see if I can do a few more posts tomorrow as I should have some free time after completing this batch of essays.
Sycamore Leaf on Wooden Table, Cardinham Woods, Bodmin, Cornwall.

Thought I'd test out a new layout instead of just having the photos large and in the middle of the screen!
Sun Through Leaves, Golitha Falls, Cornwall.

Fern Plant, Wistmans Wood, Dartmoor, Devon.

Oak Leaf on Moss, Anthony Estate, Cornwall.

?Sycamore? Leaf on Wooden Bench. Autumn 2011. Anthony Estate, Cornwall.

Autumn ?Sycamore? Leaf on Wooden Bench. Anthony Estate, Cornwall.

Autumn ?Sycamore? Leaf on Wooden Bench. Anthony Estate, Cornwall. 

Lone Red Acer Leaf in Sea of Green. Back garden! Cornwall.

Sun Through Fern. Lorgill, Isle Of Skye, Scotland. 2009

Autumn Sycamore Leaf on Fern. Glendurgan. Cornwall.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Quick Update.

So sorry to everyone who keeps checking back. Even though I've had 1 weeks holiday, I've had essays and coursework to do and I've only had 2 days free. Made the most of the weather and went out. I just haven't found time to update the blog!
Anyway, hopefully, there should be a few new entries sometime after 13:00 GMT tomorrow (20/02). Thank you so much if you've been checking back regularly.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Rame Head - 9/1/2011

Looking Through The Chapel Window.

Rame Sunset.

Eating The Sun.

Holding The Sun.

Thought the next one was a bit 'alternative'!

Camper Van at Rame.

Chapel Window.

I love how the side of the chapel casts a silhouette frame for this sunset.

Sunset From Chapel Corner.

Rame Sunset and Chapel Silhouette.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. School work has been getting a bit on top of me. Here's two pictures I took: the top one yesterday and the bottom one a couple of minutes ago.
The top one was taken at about 23:00 I think, using a tripod I got from some family friends at Christmas. It's awesome! The top photo had a 2 second exposure. Caught it right as the moon was darker behind cloud at this point!
Full moon tonight and behind the cloud in the second picture makes it look nice. I tried to take some pictures earlier of a huge red/orange moon above Plymouth but they turned out blurry, I couldn't seem to focus it right. Just proves I still need to learn. Maybe next week I will sit down for a few hours and got through all the features on the camera! I just haven't had time!

I know it's not much but I promise to do a post tomorrow to make up for the missed days! Keep tuning in! Until tomorrow.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Dozmary Pool. 13/3/2011.

Dozmary Pool is surrounded in mystery. This is the pool where, according to Arthurian Legend, the Lady of the Lake lives. She presented Excalibur to King Arthur. The pool is also where Bedivere returned the sword as Arthur lay dying after the battle of Camlann. I find it very interesting and intriguing. I love the culture of the story. Here are some of my best pictures from Dozmary Pool.

It was a lovely sunny day and very quiet. Not many people seem to know about it.

Sheep Wool on Barbed Wire, Dozmary Pool.
Dozmary Pool Panorama.

Dozmary Pool.

Disappearing Fence, Dozmary Pool.

Dozmary Pool.

Rusty Wheel, Dozmary Pool.

Silhouette Fence, Dozmary Pool.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

St Ives. Sept 2010.

A trip to St Ives on the train back in September 2010. The tide was out in the harbour so a friend and I went down and took some fantastic shots. There was so much going on. Seagulls, formations in the sand, the many types of boats. It was a photographers paradise! The sun was out but it wasn't too hot.
This was a school trip with the art department. I managed to clear some extra time in the harbour for photographs! This was after we had been to the TATE St Ives. After the harbour, we went to the Barbara Hepworth museum. It was a great day out. I may have to do a few more posts on this as I took about 200 pictures altogether! I'll pick the best ones. The photos in this post are my most favourite. Enjoy!

Backstreet St Ives, Cornwall.

Fishing Boat, St Ives Harbour.

Something you should know is that with all of my photos, I am very respectful of nature. I try my very best to keep things as natural as possible and with 99% of my photos, that is the case. This photo below is posed, however it was only the limpet in front that I moved and after the photo was taken, it went straight back where I found it. I just wanted a different type of focus, some people don't manage to see the bottom of a limpet, let alone get one off the rock! I had to be quick before this little fella' stuck fast!

Limpets, St Ives Harbour steps.

Sometimes I feel less is more. I prefer this one in black and white.

Barnacles and Limpet, St Ives Harbour.

Mussels on Barnacle Covered Harbour Wall. St Ives Harbour.

Rowing Boats in St Ives Harbour. Taken from harbour wall.
I love the next one. It's framed on my wall. I just love the age it suggests. The rust, the frayed rope, the chipped paintwork.

Aged Boat. St Ives Harbour.
Sometimes I like more focus on the foreground. This works perfectly.

Rusty Chain and Buoy.
In the garden of the Barbara Hepworth Museum. So many sculptures and so much to look at. I looked past some of the more obvious art and found some fantastic natural art. The ivy climbing up one of the sculptures. In another post I will see if I can share some photos of the actual artwork. I want to respect copyright but we were allowed to take photos and there seem to be some of the garden on Google Images anyway. I will at least credit them. 

Ivy Climbing. Barbara Hepworth Museum Garden, St Ives.