Monday, 1 July 2013

Framed and Mounted.

After the success of selling my cards, I've finally ventured into larger prints to sell. Now I know the popular photos; I have printed a few local shots I've taken over the last few years:
The line of boats at St Ives (Cornwall)
Tin Mine Sunset (Minions, Cornwall)
Silhouette Trees (Lerryn, Cornwall)
Celtic Cross (Landulph, Cornwall)
Sunset Trees at Burrator (Dartmoor, Devon)
All mounted, some framed.

I will see how these go and maybe print out a few different photos. Exciting times! More news to follow soon...

In other news:
Last Thursday, I had a great talk about photography at my old primary school. Obviously, since I'm not a professional photographer, I was talking mainly about the artistic side, composition, rule of thirds, genres, etc. After a quick presentation, I took questions from the kids. They asked some great questions - I was mainly talking about my journey through photography so far: what I plan to do, what subjects are good for photography and so on. Then I had small groups and we went around the grounds taking photos of the surroundings.
I had a wonderful time and I think the children did too. They took some amazing photos themselves. I'd love to do it again next year!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Reviving the blog.

Hi again!

Despite this blog being somewhat abandoned due to the fact it's easier to see multiple photos in albums on Facebook than trailing through posts on here, I will be paying more visits and writing entries here again. But my Facebook page will almost certainly see more activity.

In September, I will start a Photography course at Plymouth College of Art. I think this'll be a good place to document my journey deeper in to Photography; projects, etc. While I still don't have a proper website yet, Facebook is good enough for me at the moment to display my photos.

My cards have been selling well as have my first large prints, but more on that as it progresses.

Many more photos and stories to upload here, but for now...It's good to be back. Maybe this time, I'll stick to it!