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Rust & Old

Cellar Door.

Here, I am showing all the rust photos I've taken over the years that I love. I love the colours it produces and age being shown.
Not particularly to do with nature but I still like the effects. Here's something a little bit different. Daily Photo for today will be more natural!

I love the blues and browns this photo shows. This was a small area between Dunvegan and Glendale where there are so many inlets with fantastic by-the-sea walks. ê

Rusty Fence Post. Isle Of Skye, Scotland.
See: Other posts about Trumpan Church - click here. & more info about the church.
This bench is set beside the wall of the mediaeval church. The church is set upon an exposed hill open to the elements and overlooks Loch Dunvegan. The weather has aged any object here beautifully.

Moss Bench. Trumpan Church, Isle Of Skye, Scotland.
Waternish Map
Link to site.

Walking down from Trumpan towards Loch Dunvegan, you come to what is a spit of land bending around with beaches on both sides. Many things get washed up and I collected some fantastic driftwood formations. The photograph below being one; maybe a bit big to carry back up the hill seeing as it was half a gate, so I decided to snap a quick shot of the mesmerising colours the sea had created on the wood. The rust bleeding in to the layers of wood.
Old Wooden Gate. On beach by Trumpan, Isle Of Skye, Scotland.
A day out in Portree when the sun was shining, was one of the best days of the holiday. We had just gone to the highland games and walked around this beautiful town down to the harbour where there were some photo opportunities. Looking over to the Isle of Raasay was one - I have another shot somewhere looking back from Raasay to Portree. I must put them in a post together! On the harbour wall, right at the end lay fishing gear which I had to get a closer look at. I managed to get some of my favourite macro shots. These barnicles on a buoy and the yellow make this photo so simple yet a very good shot.

Barnacle Covered Buoy, Portree Harbour, Isle Of Skye, Scotland.
Climbing up to Waterstein Head. My first post to this blog explains more about why I love it so much and why it is so unique) WE had to climb over a fence which was fun in itself! barbed wire and a narrow fence stump to hold ourselves up with on the other side! The view in this photo is looking to the cliff edge in the direction of the Outer Hebrides.

Barbed Wire, Waterstein Head, Isle Of Skye, Scotland.
We went down to Milovaig near Waterstein one late afternoon to do some beach combing (came back with a crab claw, lots of driftwood and some unusual shells!) when I spotted the sun flickering through a tree as the gentle wind blew the leaves. I went up to take a photo by an old fence post, looked down, and it was too good to miss! A rusty hinge with the sun behind. I thought it was different!

Rusty Fence. Milovaig, Isle Of Skye, Scotland.
I'm not going to write about Calum's Road! I've done it once already so if you're interested in the history which I have to say, is very interesting you can click this link to find out about it. This is on the Isle of Raasay on a very quiet trip we did one day. Unfortunately the exhaust on the car was hanging off and the roads on Raasay are worse than those on Skye, which are worse than those in the rest of Scotland, which are, infact, not much better than those in the rest of the UK! So we had a lot of fun driving really slow over the numerous pot holes...until we reached the end of the only road tot he end, let alone the only SINGLE TRACK road! We arrived at an old castle ruin and the start of Calum's Road.
It was a great day out and I highly advise visiting Raasay if you're in the area. There is actually lots to do. The old mine, Calum's Road - with the ruined castle next to it, the youth hostel pub, and not forgetting the countless views of the surrounding land.

Calum's Road, Isle Of Raasay, Scotland.
Visiting the local graveyard, I found loads of photo opportunities and one of my favourites was this snail on a gravestone. I don't know what else to say about it. I just like the photo. Nothing wrong with that!

Snail On Gravestone, St Stephens-by-Saltash Churchyard.
Back to Scotland. Sorry about all this back and forth. Blogger doesn't seem to upload the photos in the order I want!
Glendale Mill. End of. Lovely and picturesque.  

Mill Wheel, Glendale, Isle Of Skye, Scotland.
Oh, Lorgill, without a doubt, one of the best walks in the area. A very long walk from the road but, me oh my, is it worth it. Crossing a stream on the way, this truly feels like another world. I can't remember the length of the walk, but it was long. I had forgotten by the time we arrived here. You know in movies where characters have been trekking for ages and come to a paradise and the camera slowly brings it in to view - I was in such a movie, but a real life movie with no cameras! We came around from behind a mound to a fence. Slowly, looking over the edge of the steep hill, we see a valley with terraced rocks on the other side, a river and waterfall running down the bottom, with empty, abandoned, farmhouses left from the highland clearances looking out to the sea at the end. Such a secluded valley, I felt like I had discovered a lost world.
This old house down at the bottom by the river was too good not to miss. The land is still in use for farming and we were the only people in the valley.
Tomorrows daily photo (which may turn into a whole post rather than a just one photo) will be focused on Lorgill.

Old Farmhouse. Lorgill, Isle Of Skye, Scotland.
Another view of the daily photo from Mon 12 March 2012.

Old Netting. Waterstein, Isle Of Skye.

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