Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Spring's coming!

Single Daffodil. Feb 2012..

Daffodil Bunch. Feb 2012.

Spring Blossom. April 2011.

Chick and Daffodil. April 2011.

Acer Blossom. April 2011.

Chick with Daffodil Landscape. April 2011.

Two Chicks. April 2011.

Two Chicks with Daffodils. April 2011.

Chick Close Up. April 2011.

Daffodils with Black Background. Feb 2012.
Above and below are some more photos I recently tried. Like the previous post, I managed to get the background black. I love it!

Single Daffodil with Black Background. Feb 2012.

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