Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. School work has been getting a bit on top of me. Here's two pictures I took: the top one yesterday and the bottom one a couple of minutes ago.
The top one was taken at about 23:00 I think, using a tripod I got from some family friends at Christmas. It's awesome! The top photo had a 2 second exposure. Caught it right as the moon was darker behind cloud at this point!
Full moon tonight and behind the cloud in the second picture makes it look nice. I tried to take some pictures earlier of a huge red/orange moon above Plymouth but they turned out blurry, I couldn't seem to focus it right. Just proves I still need to learn. Maybe next week I will sit down for a few hours and got through all the features on the camera! I just haven't had time!

I know it's not much but I promise to do a post tomorrow to make up for the missed days! Keep tuning in! Until tomorrow.

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