Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Leaves #2

This was a fun experiment using two oak leaves I had collected from the oak sapling I planted when I was younger. Something else I love about leaves is finding skeleton leaves. They would have been brilliant for this shoot. I simply held the leaves up to a bright spotlight. With the camera focused on the leaf, the background became black with help from the light.

I may even have another go in the near future with other materials similar to the leaves. If I do, I will be sure to post the results.

I just love zooming in and looking at how complex nature is. Truly stunning!

Feel free to use these photos as phone backgrounds (one reason I didn't watermark them!) I quite like the 4th and 8th photo as my backgrounds!

Newly Fallen Oak Leaf. (L-R diagonal) 

Newly Fallen Oak Leaf. (reversed diagonal)

Newly Fallen Oak Leaf. (close up)
Newly Fallen Oak Leaf. (extreme close up)

New and Old Fallen Oak Leaves. (overlapping shadow)

New and Old Fallen Oak Leaves. (overlapping NO shadow)

New and Old Fallen Oak Leaves. (symmetry)

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