Monday, 16 April 2012

Quick update.

So sorry to everyone who has been checking back here recently in hope of new photos. A number of things are preventing me from updating recently.
School work being one of them! I seem so be very slow at completing work!

Back Garden Pots.
Another thing would be that the only good photos I have left belong to sets and I would prefer to keep them together in one of those major posts I do rather than splitting them up into 'Daily Photos'.
So, this is just a message to say, I haven't given up; I am still here! I won't make promises I can't keep so - there should be a new major post on here by the end of the week!
After 19th June, I can put my educational life behind me until I decide what I want to do with my life - I will have plenty of time to go out into the world - especially nature! - and take some better shots and practise my techniques!

Just to keep the photos coming (sorry it's not 'naturey'!) but it's one of the very few left that I am happy to upload as a single photo. This was just testing out background defocus and playing around with focusing! Hope to see you soon back here!

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