Saturday, 3 October 2015

First Year of my Degree (Project #1)

Having completed my first year of BA Photography, I took time to reflect over summer of how far I have come since my experience with anxiety started. Looking back, my two years of sixth form 2010-12 weren't for me. I have always been afraid of change and I guess I was just too scared to move away from what I knew. If I had the chance to go back, I would have probably started at the College of Art sooner. There was nothing wrong with my secondary school, I just feel it wasn't the right environment for me to complete my A Levels.

Taking the 2012/13 year off, I was able to focus on me overcoming my anxiety and work on how I can control it. After my first week at PCA in September 2013 (Level 0), my anxiety suddenly stopped. This was when I knew that this was the right place for me. I can count on one hand the amount of days I've had where anxiety has resurfaced, however, none of these instances have prevented me from missing a day of college - I finished Year 1 with 100% attendance and an overall 2:1 grade. A huge improvement!

Year 1 projects: First week.

I knew this degree would be challenging, but I didn't give in to the few days of mild anxiety before starting. Our first assignment was a week long induction project. I got to know the people I would spend the next 3 years with. Having already been at the college for a year on the Level 0 course, I knew a few people already and was familiar with some of the tutors, The induction project was fast paced, consisting of a day of briefing and group sorting, a day of shooting out and about Plymouth, processing and editing the next day, re-shooting the next, and presentations on the final day.

Our smaller groups, mixing all three photography years, were given pretty much free range of Plymouth. Some groups, doing portraiture and interviewing took to the railway station, our group, who were looking at fa├žades and 'layers' stayed around southern Plymouth. We photographed Bretonside bus station interpreting the layers to mean dereliction and regeneration. We also went to Royal William Yard (photos added soon!).

The first week was tiring, but shook me into a routine that worked for the year. A good busy week at the start.

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